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Kid Antrim Music

Big music from little people.

Kid Antrim Music is an organization geared towards the discovery and recognition of emerging and developing songwriting talent.

Whether you're a teenager in a rock band looking for publicity or a business person who creates music as a hobby, Kid Antrim Music is the place for you. We target individuals or bands of any age group or music genre that want to share their music with other songwriters and various factions of the music industry.

Don't let your music collect dust, send them to Kid Antrim Music for a chance to appear on one of our 2002 Compilation CDs featuring other aspiring artists in your genre.

2002 Compilation CDs

Kid Antrim Music is currently accepting submissions from songwriters interested in appearing on one of its 2002 Compilation CDs, which will be distributed to dozens of record labels and radio stations nationwide.

We believe that our compilations are helpful to labels and stations because we have already done the leg-work and reviewed hundreds of artists and are highlighting the "cream of the crop" in our CDs.

This is a shot at the big time for aspiring songwriters and indie bands around the world. Our venture might just open the right doors, make the right connections and get your songs heard and recognized.

Last updated on 03/20/02
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