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Kid Antrim Music
About Us

In this time of musical mediocrity and struggling sales, why would anyone do something crazy like get involved in the music industry? Well, Kid Antrim Music is different. Just like the outlaw it's named after, Kid Antrim Music is designed to represent the little people of the world.

Kid Antrim Music is the brainchild of Michael Ebert. Being a songwriting veteran himself, Ebert recognizes the personal importance of sharing one's music with the world. It provides a sense of fulfillment and achievement. There are so many talented songwriters out there today, but so few get the recognition they deserve as today's music industry does not allow much room for the little people...until now.

Ebert has been planning to start his very own venture for years, waiting for just the right moment to unleash his master plan. Kid Antrim Music is not about to bore you by lecturing about its original musical philosophies, but if we have to adhere to a mission statement, how about the notion of being an honest, artist friendly venture with no outrageous promotional or production costs.

Kid Antrim Music has been designed to promote and distribute the music of unsung or aspiring songwriters that want their music to be heard. To participate, simply send your material via cassette tape or compact disc to Kid Antrim Music for a chance to appear on one of KAM's 2002 Compilation CDs with other artists in your genre. All submissions are welcome.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Most importantly, don't miss this chance to share your music with other aspiring songwriters and various factions of the music industry.

(c) 2001 Kid Antrim Music. All rights reserved.