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Kid Antrim Music

Kid Antrim Music is currently accepting submissions from songwriters interest in appearing on one its 2002 Compilation CDs, which will be distributed to various record labels and radio stations nationwide. The opportunity is open to songwriters in all music genres -- rock, rap, easy listening, country, etc.

Submissions should be mailed via cassette tape or compact disc to the KAM mailing address. Participants may enter as many songs as they desire, but for organizational purposes a separate entry form must be completed for each song. To submit music via MP3, songwriters should email their song to the KAM email address ( or simply inform KAM via email where their music can be downloaded. Upon MP3 submission, we also ask that you provide us with your postal mailing address so that we may properly contact you in the coming weeks with additional information.

Submissions are viewed on the strength of the songwriting itself (melody, composition, lyrics, originality, etc.) and not on the quality of the recording. The KAM staff is instructed to ignore the quality of the song recording in making their decisions. This is done to ensure fairness to all participants, regardless of their access to high quality recording gear.  Additional details regarding the reviewal process are summarized under the FAQ section. 

Most importantly, a handful of participants will be offered a spot on one of KAM's 2002 Compilation CDs, which are distributed to various record labels and radio stations throughout the country. Chosen artists will recive a letter offering them a spot on one of KAM's 2002 Compilation CDs, along with detailed information outlining the labels and stations to which KAM compilations are distributed.  To ensure that compilations will be heard, we have attempted to incorporate a blend of labels and stations we have learned generally welcome such material from aspiring songwriters.
Chosen artists will also be offered a chance to include contact information for listeners that are interested in getting more information about their music. This a great opportunity to share your music with other songwriters and various factions of the music indistry.  Moreover, please understand that KAM has no intention to copy or distribute submissions without the consent of its creator. Our purpose is to help aspiring songwriters to share their music and be recognized, not take advantage of them. If your song is selected for a compilation, you will be provided with detailed information and your permission will be requested before any action is taken.

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