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Kid Antrim Music

All participants are considered for a spot on one of KAM's 2002 Compilation CDs along with other songwriters and artists in their genre. Each compilation contains the songwriters' contact information for listeners that are interested in getting more information about a particular contestant's music.

Compilations are distributed to various record labels and radio stations nationwide, which includes a mixture of well-established and independent record labels and radio stations that KAM has learned generally welcome such material from aspiring songwriters. Moreover, KAM maintains that its compilations are helpful and appealing to labels and stations because it has already done the leg-work in reviewing hundreds of artists and highlighting the "cream of the crop" in its CDs.

Songwriters retain all rights to their music. If you are selected for a compilation, KAM will provide you with detailed information before asking you to make decision. Our primary mission primary mission is to provide songwriters with further exposure and recognition.

(c) Kid Antrim Music. All rights reserved.