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Kid Antrim Music

Q: Who can enter the KAM competition?
A: This venture is open to any unsung or aspiring songwriters, and we welcome participants of all age groups and music genres.  The opportunity is open to group performers as well as solo acts.

Q: What are the rules for submitting a song?
A: The song submitted must be the songwriter's original work. Participants may submit as many songs as they desire, but each song must be accompanied by its own individual entry form. Each song must be submitted on either a cassette tape or compact disc. Participants are responsible for ensuring that their entries are received at the address indicated on the entry form. Submissions can not be returned.

Q: How do I submit my music via MP3?
A: To submit music via MP3 simply email your song to the KAM email address ( or inform KAM via email of the location where your music can be downloaded.  Upon MP3 submission, we ask that you provide us with your standard postal mailing address so that we may properly contact you in the coming weeks with additional information.

Q: What is each song entry being judged on?
A: The process of judging any song against another is purely subjective at best. To aid in establishing a fair judging procedure, we have established the following criteria in which the judging panel will use to judge each and every song submitted. They are, in no particular order: (1) composition, (2) melody, (3) lyrics, and (4) originality. Songs are not judged on the quality of the recording. The judges are instructed to ignore the quality of the song recording in making their decisions. This is done to ensure fairness to all participants, regardless of their access to high quality recording gear.

Q: I am from Italy and only write songs in Italian, can I join the songwriting competition?
A: Yes, you can. This venture is open to all songwriters, bands and musicians regardless of nationality or geographical location. You may submit music in any langauage. You may include English translation if applicable.

Q: Will I loose my rights to my songs when I enter this song contest?
A: No. Participants retain all rights to all their music. All rights of the songs submitted are retained by the original author/composer. KAM has no intention to copy or distribute submissions without the consent of its creator. If your song is selected for a compilation, you will be contacted via standard mail and your permission will be requested before any action is taken.

Q: I only write lyrics and do not compose music, can I enter my lyrics?
A: KAM requires that all submissions be a audio recording. However, if your material does not contain background music you may submit a recording of simply your vocals (lyrics) without music accompanyment.

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